Turn to the Sun: How To Give Any Room a Light-Filled Solarium Feel

Let the sunshine in with energy-efficient windows.

If you’ve ever visited a home with a solarium or conservatory, you may have experienced the “Ohhh! This is beautiful!” effect that comes over you when you enter the room. The abundance of natural light and the mood-lifting splendor of the great outdoors invites you to have a seat, put your feet up, and simply enjoy.

The experience may lead you to consider a solarium addition to your home. However, like building any home addition, adding a dedicated solarium or conservatory can be costly and challenging. Aside from the hassles and expense of construction, there are possible increases to your property taxes, adjustments to your homeowner’s insurance, and increased utility bills.

It’s possible to achieve a similar feeling — without the bother or expense of hiring a contractor to build an addition — by turning an existing room in your home into one that invites the sun inside without adding heat or cold to drive up your utility bills. Replacing existing windows with larger, energy-efficient windows and doors can be a sunny solution.

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